Lunch time or evening menu

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Lunch time or evening menu


Starters £4.50

Goat cheese and caramellized onions quiche

Smoked bacon and mixed peppers quiche

Butternut squash soup


Spicy lentils soup


Minestrone soup


Broccoli and mascarpone soup


Sweet potatoes and coconut soup with lime zest


Mediterranean roasted vegetables with spicy red kidney beans


Meat and potatoes pie (in crumbly pastry)


Big calzone with mozzarella and tomatoes (folded pizza)



Main courses £6.50


Our traditional beef lasagna can also have a variation of your choice i.e. roast vegetables instead of beef.


Meatballs pasta bake

Cheese and tomato pasta bake with italian meatballs.


Pork & chorizo enchiladas

This is a delicious mexican dish made with pork mince, chorizo peppers and beans in tortillas covered in cheese and baked.


Gammon and pinapple sauce

Souted gammon and pinapple in coconut sauce served with steamed basmati rice.


Chicken or red lentils curry

Spicy chicken curry served with steamed basmati rice, (it can also be made with lentils as a vegetarian dish).


Chicken stew in coconut

Chicken coocked in spicy tomato and coconut sauce served with rice.



Chicken pie

Boneless chicken suted with leak covered by puff pastry


Slow cooked lamb casserole with dumplings

This is a delicious earthy dish made by slow cooking the lamb and seasonal vegetable. It comes with my lovely rosemary dumplings added at the end.


Shepherd's pie

Lamb mince and carrot stew covered with mashed potatoes


Spinach and mint cous cous with spicy cod fish

Spicy cod on a bed of spinach and mint cous cous.


Fish pie

Mixed fish fillets with peas covered with mashed potatoes and cheese


Salmon bake

Peas, potatoes and salmon bake





Salads £4.50

Mix salad with spicy chicken strips and blue cheese dressing.


Chicken and cashew nut salad with red chillies.


Mozzarella and tomatoes salad with olives.


Soft goat cheese and beetroot salad


Cous cous salad with mixed peppers, chickpeas, olives and tomatoes


Pasta salad with red pesto, sundried tomatoes, olives, basil and origano


Potato salad with spring onions and mayo


Red kidney beans salad with tuna, onions, cucumber and tomatoes
















Sandwiches £4.50


Freshly baked ciabatta bread with steak, lettuce and caramellized onions.


Roasted veg with mozzarella served in ciabatta bread.


Home make buns filled with tuna and sweetcorn & mayo.


Crispy bacon with lettuce & tomatoes in white bread.

Goat cheese and caramellized onions served in a freshly baked baguette.


Egg, sausage & cheese in a bun.


Ratatouille & chicken wraps.


Honey glazed gammon & salad with garlic mayo in baguettes.


Salmon & lemon cream cheese bagels.


Crab with chilly mayo & salad in seeded buns.


Parma ham and mozzarella in ciabatta bread.




Cakes £3.50


Moist pineapple and coconut upside down cake


Marble cake with chocolate ganache



Yogurt cake with lemon drizzle



Carrot cake with cream cheese and yogurt icing.




Double chocolate cheesecake














Our meals are freshly cooked upon request so please place your order by 5pm for next day lunch time or evening delivery.



Lunch time deals

Starter + Main course + Cake £12.99

Main course + Cake £8.99

Starter + Main course £9.99

Salad + Cake £6.99

Sandwich + Cake £6.99

Starter + Cake £6.99