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Divino’s Cookery Fusion Classes led by the Italian Chef Teresa Terminiello is an exciting and informative range of cookery courses. Participants are limited to classes of ten to ensure each one gains the maximum benefit and attention required. From classic techniques, Mediterranean seasonal recipes to the latest trends in Street Food there is a course to suit all abilities and palates.


The classes are delibrately intended to include a fusion of international cuisines from starter to dessert combining the exotic dishes of the Far East with the less conventional European recipes of the West, infusing rich flavors and fragrances that introduces participants to a variety of delicious healthy and easy to replicate meals for the whole family to enjoy.

Our lessons are informal,relaxed and well structured. There will be some demo and lots of hands on cooking as the class is divided into smaller groups with each group learning different recipes. By the end of the class you would have seen how all the recipes are made and you will leave with the ability to cook lots of delicious, healthy and well presented dishes for home cooking and entertaining. Classes end with everyone sitting down around the Cookery School table to taste the food that has been cooked.


We also offer “A kitchen coaching course” – a bespoke personal course of learning one to one in your own kitchen. We talk about your kitchen goals and together work towards these, whether it’s to enjoy healthy dinners, reduce the stress of family mealtimes, eat more locally, learn new cooking skills and gain more confidence or all of these!

We offer a range of weekdays and weekend classes for all ages and abilities, each of which teach delicious dishes that can be prepared quickly or in advance to be enjoyed with family and friends.



So if what you are looking for is:


  • Learn to cook simple, nutritious and healthy meals?
  • Discover the secrets of good home cooking?
  • Build your confidence and skills in the kitchen?
  • Impress your family and friends with new exciting recipes?
  • Help with menu planning, budgeting and getting organised?
  • Learn to reduce your use of convenience meals?
  • Feed your children healthily?
  • Bake and make cakes for your family’s occasions?


Then just fill out the Registration form below or email us at info@diivino.com and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.



These below are some of the courses we will be running shortly:





Our healthy cooking class will teach you how to detox by eating good wholesome food. At Cookery School we love food and are loathe to eat dull diet food, so we have come up with a class of exciting healthy recipes. We promise panoply of wonderful flavours. This is filling food that will help keep off the pounds and please both inexperienced and epicurean cooks. At the end of the class, you will sit down around the Cookery School table to enjoy what you have made.




We will show you how to make:


•a range of our hugely popular salads with tasty but low calorie dressings

•a seasonal frittata

•a low GI wild mushroom barley risotto

•mixed vegetable cous cous

•a spicy Moroccan chickpeas tagine

•a couple of delicious soups that can be safely be snacked on when peckish




Learn to make stews & casseroles and master the techniques for making simple but outstanding dishes. You will be amazed by how many dishes are based on the principle of a basic stew. Suddenly a range of apparently difficult recipes will seem very accessible.

To go with your stews you’ll cook perfect rice and delicious Italian polenta to soak up the fantastic flavours. We will also whizz up delicious dumplings. You will then sit down to taste everything you have made and recap everything you have learned. At the end of the day you can take home your new recipes to recreate them easily at home.



In this class you will master:


•a classic Bolognese made with ground beef

•a Moroccan lamb & potatoes and vegetable bake

•a French beef Bourguignon

•a traditional chicken casserole

•a vegetarian mixed bean ragout





During our popular Middle Eastern cooking class, you will enjoy learning about the soft spices and fragrant aromas of the Middle East. You will learn new techniques and lots of recipes starting with an introduction to bread making. Then we will work on a variety of delicious mezze and finish with baking a cake.

At the beginning of your day we will welcome you with a Cookery School breakfast. At the end of the class we will gather together to enjoy the meal you have created. Matched wines and coffee or tea will be available.



You Will Learn To Cook:


•pitta bread



•aubergine and tomato salad

•grilled fish chermoula

•a traditional chicken tagine flavoured with spices, herbs, nuts and seeds

•caramelised onion cous cous

•cardamom and rosewater ice cream

•ravani or bassbousa – Middle Eastern semolina cake




Enjoy a day discovering the staples of Italian cooking: learn to make pasta & risotto. In this Italian cooking class you will learn how to make pasta dough from scratch, use a pasta machine and make and shape fresh pasta. You will also learn how to cook a good risotto.

At the end of the class you will enjoy your food with fresh cool drink.




The menu will include:


•Mince beef ravioli served with a rich tomato sauce

•Tagliatelle with homemade pesto

•Riso fritto with fried vegetables and

•Vegetable lasagne

•Classic meat lasagne




In our cake making class you will explore different methods of making cakes and learn the all-important rules for successful cake baking. You will acquire a lovely and varied

cake repertoire, including butter cakes, oil based cakes and quick cakes plus preparing and adding the toppings to your freshly baked cakes.

You will be welcomed with an aperitif and a substantial snack before rolling up your sleeves to start baking. Some cakes will be demonstrated and others will be hands-on.

At the end of the class you will enjoy a cake feast and take home what you have made, so be sure to bring along a container to the lesson.



You Will Learn To Make


•Lemon cake

•Chocolate cake

•Carrot cakes

•Gluten free orange and almond cake

•Chocolate ganache and a variety of icings




In this pastry class you will master the techniques needed to make perfect pastry every time. Students then make their own shortcrust or sweet shortcrust pastry. Each student will choose whether they would like to use their shortcrust or sweet shortcrust to make either an apple pie, vegetable quiche or Cornish pasty which will be taken home.





You Will Learn To Make:



•apple pie

•vegetable quiche

•traditional Cornish pasties




Learn how to cook an authentic Indian feast in this fantastic cooking class. Indian cooking is wonderfully fragrant, delicately spiced and not at all greasy.

At the end of the day the class will sit down together to enjoy what you have made with a refreshing drink.





You Will Cook:


•onion bhajis

•spicy potato balls

•chickpeas and spinach curry

•Chicken & mushroom curry

•mixed dal with spinach

•saffron rice

•naan bread

•mango lassi





About the Chef

My love of food and cooking began when I was really young, inspired by the seasonal vegetables, meat and eggs that my parents produced on the farm where I grew up.

I loved to cook and experiment with food watching my mother and grandmother as they passed on the art and enjoyment of cooking a meal, making jam or baking a cake using our home-grown ingredients.

The kitchen has always been the focal point in our house and I believe that dinner time is the 30 minutes of the day that the family can really connect and communicate. You can go for days without seeing a teenager but a home cooked meal can get them to the table in seconds!

I believe that food has the power to connect people in a very positive way, whether that be by sourcing ingredients from local producers or by taking a slice of cake round to an elderly neighbour.

My aim with our cookery classes is to share the skills I’ve learned over the past 30 years with others so that they can bring their families together with home cooking.


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